Postpartum Vaginal Steam Experiences

"Great results for less pain and decreased redness around stitches. Deep relaxation."

"I started my first yoni steam 6 wks in, I had 3 stitches so I waited until they had dissolved. I was feeling a lot of pain on my left side where the stitches had been, it helped lessen that pain. It helped me relax. My muscles down there felt like they had worked out so it felt like it healed, rejuvenated, & tightened my womb. I felt like it helped me heal from the amazing traumatic experience of giving birth. I would sit on it for about 20mnts it felt so good. I hear it helps tone & heal the pelvic floor as well as release any remaining debris from birthing, as well as loosing weight. I am 5 months postpartum now. I feel the health care system has failed so I’v had to learn how to heal my family & myself naturally which is the way it should be. I have struggled w/ BV since I had gotten pregnant & had to find natural remedies through out pregnancy & postpartum so now I used the steaming for that 10days in a row for only 10mnts long & it seems to have gone away." 

“I felt instant relief after the first day of steaming for prolapse. The pain that was occurring while sitting did not return and after 4 steam sessions everything appeared back to normal.”

“For the first time since my daughter was born I was able to have sex that wasn’t painful. I have not been able to orgasm in almost 3 months and after one steam I felt like myself again and climaxed easily. This may sound like it’s not a big deal but I was beginning to feel like I would never feel pleasure again and it was greatly impacting my mental state. I am so grateful that I did this.”

"Two moms I supported came back to me to say that after steaming post partum their period came back around 12 months after giving birth, they experienced a healthy period 4 days no cramping or clots, they were both amazed with that result because their period had not been that smooth before pregnancy."

In ten days I'm only 5 pounds from my pre pregnancy weight! Mind blown by the power of steam!”

“After every steam, my lady bits felt tight, almost like how skin feels after getting a facial.”

“At 8 weeks, I was back to a regular & happy sex life.”

“I had a second degree tear and I found steaming helped me tremendously. Everything was healed up completely by 7 weeks.”

“Steaming has helped reduce the feeling of looseness and air bubbles significantly”

“I felt instant relief after the first day of steaming for prolapse. The pain that was occurring while sitting did not return and after 4 steam sessions everything appeared back to normal.”

"My one pp client actually had been diagnosed with being bipolar and having placenta previa. While pregnant she had cold turkey all her meds. After she delivered (at home instead of the hospital) she steamed for 10 days straight. She noticed that she was more mentally balanced. She also noticed that the relaxation is the steam helped her relax enough to successfully work through the nursing challenges she had. Her menses has come back (9 months) and she says her menses has never looked so "clean". And she had no clots."

"A recent PP client claimed that prior to her first steam, her labia and vaginal area was ‘a mess’. She did her first steam on day 5 PP and experienced a major reduction of vaginal swelling, tenderness & discomfort, and everything looked normal again after that very first steam. Additionally, she found the daily steams helped her relax, reconnect and feel confident with her body which she feels improved milk flow and baby-bonding."

“I had no bleeding after week 2.”

"I started steaming around 4 weeks postpartum and did it for about 20-30 minutes for 2 weeks. I noticed a dropping feeling at the end of each steam like the lochia was getting released. I had a bad 2nd degree tear with no stitches and everything healed up perfectly by 7 weeks. The heaviest/prolapse feeling had also subsided by 7-8 weeks. I’m currently 10 weeks postpartum and feel like I’m back to my pre-pregnancy self physically."