Postpartum Recovery

While there is not any current medical definition or standard for postpartum recovery the Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute suggests the following.

Postpartum Recovery is the return of the postpartum body to full pre-pregnancy state and function within the six week period after giving birth.

Postpartum Recovery Checklist:

1. Full uterine cleanse.

2. Uterus organ and ligaments return to normal size and position.

3. Neighboring organs (colon, bladder, intestines) must return to normal position and function.

4. Stretched vulva, perineum and vaginal canal skin tissue must regain tone and shape and heal from tears and sutures and scar tissue.

5. Water retention or swelling must disperse.

6. Pelvic or spinal bone injuries should be assessed and addressed.

7. Blood and fluid loss during labor and delivery must be replenished to allow for the body to recover energy, heal and produce breastmilk.

8. The birth experience, labor and delivery should be emotionally processed.

9. The Matrescence transition into motherhood should be acknowledged and supported.