1. I'm pregnant. Can I volunteer to be part of the study?

Formally no. The study participants will be recruited by our Research Coordinator and we (Keli and Kimberly) will not be involved in the selection process. She will be recruiting women due in a very specific time window in a very specific location. Even if you meet this criteria you wouldn't want to be part of the study because only half the group or participants will be receiving vaginal steam treatments. 

Informally, yes. Please make a postpartum recovery plan that involves vaginal steaming. Learn first-hand the benefits of vaginal steaming. Share your experience with us and others. Every positive experience helps to bring this info to more women. Go to www.steamychick.com for vaginal steam resources and to find a professional near you for a consultation or services.  

2. How will the $25,000 be used?

Research Coordinator Salary (4 months)

Research Assistant Salary (4 months)

Vaginal Steam Supplies

Lab Tests

Zero funds go to Keli or Kimberly or either of their businesses. All of the time they spend administrating and raising funds for this study is a volunteer of their time and resources.

3. How will the study be conducted?

20 study participants will be selected and given full examinations.

Half of the group will steam a certain amount of times and the other half will not steam at all. In order to have uniformity all of the steam sessions and examinations will be conducted in-home by the Research team with the same supplies. 

Lastly, all of the participants will be examined again.

We will then analyze the results to see if there was any difference between the steam group and the non-steam group. 

4. I am a researcher. Can I volunteer to design or assist with the study?

Once the study is complete (spring 2019) we could use a volunteer to draft the final report. If you are interested please send a resume and writing sample to hello@fourthtrimestervaginalsteamstudy.com. Also, please indicate your availability at that time and how long it would take you to complete a 20-30 page report. 

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